Sherlock Hound
Sherlock hound
Sherlock Hound (Chibi form)
Name Sherlock Hound
Kanji シャーロック・ハウンド or ホームズ
Romaji Shārokku Haundo or Hōmuzu
Title Protagonist, Master Detective
Gender Male
Age (est.) 24
Height 6'0"
Species Anthropomorphic Dog
Voice Actor Unknown


Sherlock Holmes/Hound (Anime TV Series)
Relationships Dr.Watson (Partner), Ms.Hudson (Landlady)
Status Alive
Sherlock Hound or Holmes (シャーロック・ハウンド or ホームズ, Shārokku Haundo or Hōmuzu). He's the main protagonist. Mr.Hound in many ways is like his counterpart from Sir Doyle's original story of Sherlock Holmes, but in many ways they also do contrast to each other.

For example, Mr.Hound smokes a pipe, plays the violin, and conduct chemical projects, but he never wears a robe in the series and whatever else that contrasts to the original Sherlock Holmes.

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